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India is a land of diversity and there are many design of Kurtis available. Designs can be with the fabric, print, work or neck designs. Kurtis or Kurtas are traditional wear for the Indian subcontinent since long. The man used to wear Kurtas and Women would wear Kurtis.

Kurtis are generally Knee length and comes in multiple designs. Women usually wore them with lowers known as Salwar and dupatta. You can buy the same from us with complete peace of mind as we offer free shipping, cash on delivery and easy returns and refunds. Just Whatsapp us on 9108025180 to buy or for any queries.

Types of design of Kurtis

Below are few popular types of Kurtis in India.

Block Printed design of Kurtis

As the name suggest, these Kurtis are made by hand painting on textiles and fabric mostly cotton.

Block Printed Plain design Kurtis

Embroidery Kurtis

Embroidery Kurtis are made by doing Embroidery which is decorating fabric or other materials using a needle to apply thread or yarn. (Source Wikipedia). There are many types of Embroidery work in India that vary from region to region.

Embroidery Plain design Kurtis

A-Line Kurti

A-line Kurtis are the ones that looks like A shape. Small at the top and widens at the bottom to give it an A shape.

A-Line Plain design Kurtis

Flared Kurti

These are Kurtis which are narrow at top and flared at bottom.

Flared Plain design Kurtis

Tulip design of Kurtis

As the name suggest, this type of Kurti resembles like a flower and is ideal for young women.

Tulip Plain design Kurtis

Denim Kurti

As the name suggest, they are made of denim and suits the younger masses and are quite trendy.

Denim Kurti

Khadi Kurtis

Again, as the name suggest, Khadi kurtis are made of fabric Khadi. They are ideal for summers.

Cotton Kurtis

These Kurtis are quite popular in India as they are very comfortable to wear. Cotton is good fabric to wear in summer.

Cotton Kurtis

Rayon Kurtis

Rayon Kurtis are made of Rayon and is an ideal choice of fabric to wear in summer

Rayon Kurtis

Kurti with Jacket

These Kurtis comes along with Jackets and looks very trendy. This kurti is also available in black color.

Kurti with Jacket

Cold Shoulder Kurti

Cold shoulder are the ones where only shoulders are bare which gives it a bit of modern look.

cold shoulder kurti

Frock style design of Kurtis

This type of Kurtis looks similar to Frocks and usually have a narrow top and large flared bottom. It is popular as a western look Indian dress.

Frock style kurti

C cut Kurti

C cut kurti are the ones where the front bottom is cut in the shape of C making it quite stylish.

C cut Kurti

Short design Kurtis

They are ideal to wear with jeans and bottoms in them are usually above the Knee length.

Short Kurti

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