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Trendy Bridal Velvet Embroidered Lehenga

Bridal look – Bride! Shy smile, twinkled eyes filled with loving dreams, happy glow all over, a beautifully dressed woman appears into our thoughts, whenever we think or hear about this word. The bridal look is the look for every bride to be. Women dream about their bridal look from a young age.

Bridal Look

An Indian wedding is a gala celebration of several days, every day a different occasion. Hence, a bride requires many outfits suited for each occasion. The bridal look has gone through many changes over the years. Brides are now desiring more avant-garde and unique look for their big day rather than following the old norms.

It’s not an easy task for the brides to create their specific bridal look. The new brides these days are breaking the traditional boundaries to have their unique perfect bridal look.

bridal look

A complete bridal look consists of many components and requires months of preparations to create that dream bridal look. Head to toe beautifying process is started months before the wedding day.

Wedding Dress for Bridal Look

India is always admired for its diversity which can be seen in wedding attire as well. The Saree is preferred as the bridal dress in the South. In other parts of India, most brides prefer Lehenga, Sharara, Ghaghra Choli, Panjabi salwar suit, Evening gowns, etc.

South Indian Bridal Dress

Traditional South Indian brides drape themselves in Kanjivaram, Silk or Banarasi Pattu saree.  Still, there is a big variation among the different cultures in the five southern states. This leads to a sea of difference in the bridal looks here. One can clearly distinguish a bride culture of southern Indian bride by looking at

  1. The type of bridal Saree, she is draping,
  2. Color and pattern of the Saree.
  3. Different kinds of bridal jewelry.

The flowers are a common hair accessory among all of them. But in some parts, brides don a long braid decorated with gold ornaments too.

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Southern Indian Brides are heavily decorated with gold jewelry. The number of ornaments worn by a bride is so high, with Anklets, different kinds of Bangles, Rings, Kamar-bandh, Bahju-bandh, layers of Necklaces in different sizes, Nose ring, Matha-Patti, etc. the bride is actually covered in gold.

South Indian bridal look

Newer brides of Southern India are now looking for more variety. Be it in opting for saree’s colors, patterns and draping styles such as Dupatta on saree style. This breakthrough can be seen in their choice of jewelry too.

North Indian Bridal Dress

As with other aspects, North Indian brides have totally different bridal look as compared to south Indian brides.

Long back, north Indian brides also used to wear a Saree as their wedding dress. But nowadays the bride chooses a Lehenga for this occasion.  Red or Maroon color is usually the color of choice for lehenga as it’s considered an auspicious color and brings good fortune to the new bride.

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In North India, brides don’t normally cover themselves in as much gold jewelry as their southern counterparts. Their glam comes from their Lehengas and the overall look. Depending on the part of the North region the bride belongs to, she must don customary jewelry such as a Nath or Punjabi brides wear Choodha a special set of bangles.

Lehenga consists of three pieces: Long skirt or Lehenga, Blouse or choli, and Long Stole or Chunni or Dupatta.

North Indian Bridal look

The North region also has a multicultural population and the Lehenga worn by the bride shows the bride’s cultural background. When it comes to the most special day, the modern brides, they want to follow the traditions with a touch of the modern approach.  

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With bold and unconventional colors,  a combination of something traditional old fashion with a new style. There is a huge variety of types and styles in Lehengas.

Net Lehenga

Multi color floral patterns, embroidery with resham, dabka, zari and beads on net fabric, gives this flared style lehenga a unique look.

Banarasi lehenga

A Banarasi lehenga with heavy embroidery along with contrasting jewelry makes a perfect bridal look for any North Indian bride.

Velvet Lehenga

Another royal and classic choice for the wedding day attire can be Velvet lehenga. This can be paired with matching choli and net chunni.

Silk Lehenga

Silk lehengas are very popular. Heavy embroidery with gota patti work lehengas are definitely a classic choice of the special day.

Mehndi for Bridal Look

A very essential and traditional part of the bridal look is Henna or Mehndi. Applying henna on to the bride’s hands and legs is a common ritual amongst all parts of India. Bridal mehndi is a very special and bridal look is incomplete without the same. It’s so important that a special day is dedicated to this ceremony before nuptials.

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About Henna or Mehndi

Henna is also known as an Indian tattoo or temporary tattoo. Henna blend is made up of dried henna leaves powder mixed with water in semi-thick consistency. It is applied to the bride’s hands and legs with a piping bag or a thin stick or by hands.

source: Flickr

Lots of creativity, detail and time is required to apply the bridal mehndi. And not just that, once the henna is applied, it takes few more hours for the henna to fully dry off. When the henna is fully dried off, it turns into a beautiful red or maroon color which makes the bridal look much more beautiful. That color stays intact for several days.

There is a popular saying about the color of bridal henna ‘Darker the color of the henna is, stronger the love bond will be between the bride and groom. Therefore, brides put their best efforts to get the richer henna color. Such as mix the henna blend with color enhancing solution, applying oil or long-lasting color solution before and after henna, etc.

Bridal Mehandi Design
source: pxhere

Mehndi Designs

The design of Mehndi is also very significant in many ways. The henna’s blend is applied in beautiful shapes and patterns. Be it graceful peacocks, circular mandala, loving hearts, a background of swirls and vines. Perhaps an organic and elegant spray of delicate flowers with dainty leaves. Or an eye-catching figure of bride and groom in intricate detail on the bride’s hands and legs.

Some brides prefer to have full arm’s length henna design like long globs and some prefer to have mid arm or hand length design pattern. There is also a tradition to hide the groom’s name in the design pattern of Mehndi and grooms are supposed to find it.

source: wiki

As with everything about the bridal look, bridal henna has become more decorative and trendier. There are different styles of henna designs and different types of ready to use henna blends available now. Henna is now decorated with glitter and fancy stones to give a more colorful look.

Many brides like to make their bridal henna more memorable by having a personalized design like telling their love story through the design patterns. Whatever the bride prefers, one thing is sure, it’s one of the oldest and lovable parts of the bridal look.

Deciding on the wedding dress among the plethora of options is the decision every bride makes. Everything else about the bridal look such as Hairstyle, accessories, makeup, etc. depends on this major choice.


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