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Latest Kurti neck designs | New Fashion Trends | Must See

Looking for the new and latest Kurti neck designs in fashion like matka style neck, boat neck or evergreen round neck design. Look no further, below you will check out all the latest neck design with images that not only you can look but buy them as well with complete peace of mind.

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designer kurti
₹ 999.00

Find below the latest Kurti neck designs that you can sport on various occasions.

  1. Round neck design
  2. U neck design
  3. Square neck designs for Kurti
  4. V neck designs Kurti
  5. Sweetheart neck designs Kurti
  6. Leaf shape neck design for Kurtis
  7. Boat neckline design
  8. Stand collar round design
  9. Stand collar V design
  10. Angarakha neck design for Kurti
  11. Matka style neck design
  12. Keyhole style neck design
  13. Off Shoulder Neckline Kurta Design
  14. Crew Neckline Kurta Design
  15. Peter Pan collar design
  16. High Neckline Design
  17. Designer Collar Neck Design

Let us look at each of them in detail with an amazing picture to help you visualize as well. If you buy from us, buy with complete peace of mind. We do Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery and Easy returns and Refunds. Whatsapp us at 9108025180 to know more details and buy.

Round neck kurti designs

This is the usual neck design that can be flaunted by women of all ages on almost all occasions. The round neck design is by far the most popular type of Kurti with women wearing the traditional round neck Kurtis to designer ones creeping into the wardrobes.

round neck kurti design

Short Video on Kurti Designs

U neck designs Kurti

As the name suggests, the neck design resembles the letter U. In this, the neck is not so broad but the cut is a bit deeper than usual round neck design.


Square neck designs for Kurti

The square neck design is also quite popular in India. In this, the neck design resembles a square or rectangle. It goes well for all occasions including office wear. You can get quite a lot of variations to suit your needs and it is not just a simple square one.

Rs 799

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V neck designs Kurti

As the name suggests, this popular neck design resembles the English letter V. This is good traditional and comfortable office wear. It suits both the short Kurtis or the long ones.

V neck design

V neck design
V neck design

Sweet heart neck designs Kurti

This is a variation to the square shape neck design. Bottom of the square here tapers down to give a bit of heart shape. It is good to wear during social gatherings. This is a pretty good choice to wear if you want to adorn that special short necklace.

Rs 1049
Rs 1049
neck design
Rs 1049
Rs 1049

Leaf shape neck design for Kurtis

As the name suggests, this neck designs resembles the leaf of Paan.

Leaf shape neck Kurti design

Boat neckline design

This is quite trendy these days. In this the neck design is broad at shoulders and not too deep, giving a look of the Boat.

boat neck design kurti
Latest Kurti neck designs

Stand Collar designs.

As the name suggests they are the ones which have standing collar near the neck. There are many variations in this as below. Check out more on the collar neck designs at the below post.

Collar neck designs in detail.

Stand collar round design

These are ones having a round standing collar.

stand collar round neck design
Rs 549

Stand collar V design

As the name suggests, they are the ones having standing V collar design.

Stand collar V design
Rs 999
Stand collar V design
Stand collar V design
Stand collar V design

Angarakha neck designs for Kurti

They are modern neck design where one side of fabric overlaps on the other side.

Angarakha Kurti neck design
Rs 899

Matka style neck designs

As the name suggests, this neck design looks similar to Matka. An Indian traditional vassal to store water. Matka style neck designs are quite trendy and look modern.

Matka style kurti design

Keyhole style neck designs

As the name suggests, any other neck design is changed with a small slit in the fabric giving it the look of a keyhole.

Key hole kurti neck design
Rs 599

Off Shoulder Neckline Kurta Design

In this neck design, the dress you wear starts from the shoulder. It is slowly coming up in the trend and often women flaunt this in social occasions.

Off Shoulder Neckline Kurta Design

Crew Neckline Kurta Design

This neck design resembles a Tshirt and is very close to the neck. You might want to try the same during winters.

Crew Neckline Kurta Design
Rs 799

Peter Pan collar

Peter Pan Collar got its name from the actress Maude Adam. It has a flat collar with curved corners.

peter pan collar dress
source: Flickr

High Neckline Design

They are ideal for winter and look great in contrasting colors. As the name suggests, this neck design has a high collar which tends to be close to the neck.

High Neckline Design
Rs 699
High Neckline Design
Rs 699
High Neckline Design
Rs 699
High Neckline Design
Rs 699

Designer Collar neck design

Neck designs are the work of an artist. Creativity helps in beautiful designs.

Designer collar neck kurti

Office wear Kurtis

Kurtis are quite a comfortable office wear for Indian Ladies. You look for a formal yet traditional comfortable look.

There are many types of queries which may suit your needs like V neck Kurtis, round neck designs, A-line Kurtis, Collar neck kurtis. You may not want to flaunt too much of Zari work or embroidered Kurti for Office wear.

Partywear Kurtis

This is the one where creativity has no end. You may flaunt the best of the fabrics like fine silk to rich gold embroidery done Kurtis. You may flaunt the jacket Kurtis as well.

Choose the kurti as per your choice as that would give you the right confidence but do pair with the right choice of hairstyle and foot wear as well.

Our post on Types of Sarees –

Kurtis are very famous across length and breadth of India. They are worn with varied lowers like Leggings, Salwar, Patiala, Sharara, Jeans, Palazzos, etc. At the same time, Indian women love the variety that they can wear be it with sleeves designs or neck designs. Choosing the right design is important to look great.

If you are not so comfortable wearing Saree as draping styles of the same can be challenging for few, you must draw your comfort to the latest Kurti designs as you have the comfort and style both with the designer Kurtis available. They come in variety of fabrics for your comfort and styles.

Kurtis are great for the hot and humid climate of the Indian Sub continent and with the the migrant Indians it is becoming a dress of choice worldwide including western countries.

Typically flat sandals or Juttis are the choice of footwear with Kurtis. Though if you like high heals, they are also a good choice with the Kurti designs.

You can buy any of the above Kurtis from Fashion Kart and they can make way into your wardrobe. Just Whatsapp us at 9108025180.

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