While we strive for the best quality, very rare we may be at fault and our supplier ships you a wrong/faulty product. Or you find out that the dress doesn’t fit you. This may lead to inconvenience and hence we offer both exchange and returns for these reasons only. Just tell us of the issue on the date of delivery.

In case product is faulty, we offer returns and full refunds. Follow the returns process for more details.

If there is a size issue, we offer an exchange. We will get the product picked up and then once we receive it, we will ship the product with the size as you requested. In case the product is not available in the size requested, you can purchase any other dress from our website for the same or above price.

You would need to prepay us of the difference as we cannot do Part COD order.

Exchange or Returns eligibility

We provide return facility on all products like clothing but few items like lingerie, cosmetics are not covered. To be eligible for returns, You need to tell us about the issue on our whatsapp 9108025180 with a pic on the date of delivery for the same and the issue. Delivery boy will only deliver the parcel and after he has left you can open and check the product.

We do not accept returns for not liking as we want to be in business. In rare cases, we can on our sole discretion make an exception by compensating for shipping and handling charges.

Pick up and Refund/Exchange Process

It will happen in following steps:-

  1. Delivery boy will just deliver the parcel. Once he has gone, check your parcel peacefully.
  2. In case of issue, inform us through Whatsapp on 9108025180 with a picture of the product and the issue on the day of delivery. This is mandatory else return request will not be approved.
  3. Fill this form – on the same day or next.
  4. We will initiate your return in our systems.
  5. Your product would be picked up with in 3 – 4 working days (It should be in original condition with all tags attached and same packaging).
  6. After successful vetting of the product, we will refund your money in your Google Pay, Paytm or Bank Account number provided by you with in 2 days of pick up in case refund is required and agreed by us.
  7. In case exchange is required, we will ship the new dress to you. If you exchange to some other dress, pls pre-pay us the difference as we cannot do part COD.