Kanjivaram Silk Sarees – A must own for you

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees – A must own for you

The elegance, grace, classiness, style, exquisiteness, sophistication, traditional and many more similar adjectives define Kanjivaram silk sarees from the South region of India. Saree, six yards of long fabric, is one of the most loved apparel in India.

Kanjivaram sarees come in the top favorite choices of Indian women in Sarees. They are made in the Kanchipuram  region of Tamilnadu India. They usually have contrasting border.

Why Kanjivaram Silk Sarees are so popular?

There are many varieties of silk sarees available but Kanjivaram sarees are considered to be the most superior silk sarees in the world. They are well-known for their wide borders, heavy pallu, and shining silk. Kanjivaram sarees are woven with superior craftsmanship with the finest silk and zari threads.

It takes a long time and effort to make a single saree. The most appealing feature of a Kanjivaram saree is the heavily contrasting border and pallu. This contrast formations, pattern designs in Kanjivaram sarees leave any woman awe stricken.

Kanjivaram Saree


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Kanjivaram saree is a great and most impressive choice for any festive occasion or ceremonies. The south Indian brides joyously don a Kanjivaram saree as their traditional wedding attire along with Mehndi and Jewellery.

Many celebrities had chosen to worn Kanjivaram saree on their special day and major events. Deepika was looking divinely in a golden Kanjivaram saree on her wedding day.

How to identify a pure Kanjivaram Silk Saree?

There are many cheap imitations of Kanjivaram Saree available in the market. Below are the few tips to identify a real Kanjivaram Saree.

An authentic Kanjivaram Saree is woven separately in three parts. Zari border, heavy pallu and long fabric body of the saree and then combine the three parts together later. The joining line of the zari border and pallu to the body is woven with fine precision and usually, make a zig-zag form.

Pure zari is made of three threads. A silk thread twist with a silver thread and then it is dipped into pure gold to make the zari. With the use of pure zari, a Kanjivaram saree is a lot heavier than any other silk saree.

Another way to test the authenticity of Kanjivaram saree is to perform a Burn test. Take a few zari threads from the saree and burn them. If it produces ash and smells like burnt hair, zari used in saree is authentic. It should burn only until it is in contact with the flame.

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Though South India is the origin of Kanjivaram sarees, these are desirable in all the parts of India. They are just exceptionally excellent and beautiful therefore, they also vary widely in cost depending upon the intricacy of work, colors, pattern, quality of silk and zari, etc. It’s a must-have wardrobe piece for Indian women.

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