Plus Size Clothes Shopping Guide: How to Tackle Shopping Obstacles?

Going shopping can be a daunting task for plus size women who might need a Plus-Size Clothes Shopping Guide. Apart from having to find clothing that is suitable, stylish, and affordable, there are other factors to consider.

Plus size women’s fashion in India is becoming more popular but this does not hide the fact that it can be a mission to find a fit with limited options.

The introduction of online shopping has given hope to the large community of plus size vendors who are looking to increase manufacturing. Plus sizes ranges from 3XL to 10XL and they cater to this niche in the market.

So, to motivate all the curvy women out there, we have compiled a list of points to keep in mind when shopping at a store or on a plus size fashion sites from the comfort of home. We hope these points help you.

“Where there is a will there is a way” – Get motivated

Before you can start this journey, you should have high motivation. Enough to go out and try getting the right size. Getting any job done successfully requires motivation, patience, and a clear mind.

This is initiated by the mind itself. Physical shopping allows you to look, feel, and try on the clothing. You can choose to buy the item on the spot if you love it.

An alternative option is online shopping if you prefer keeping up with technology. There are several benefits of using this method of shopping. Fashionkart offers a wide array of plus size clothing that is hard to find.

These will be available at the touch of a button. Most of them at bargain prices! Items will be delivered directly to you. Additionally, items can be exchanged or fully refunded if they do not satisfy your taste.

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Various payment methods make it an even more alluring option for women countrywide.

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Be brave and experiment for plus size clothes

To get clothing that suits your body shape, you must be completely open to trying different types of clothing.

Do not be one-track-minded. Dare to be different and allow yourself to be guided in the right direction. The whole purpose is to step out of your comfort zone.

By trying new clothing, you get proof of what looks good, what does not look good, and what could work with some exciting accessories.

Stay away from dark and depressing colors such as black (some say it makes you look slimmer, not true!). Yes, we know everyone loves black, but don’t you think there is a limit? Leave those dark baggy t-shirts and get fitting Kurtis.

Go for brighter shades that bring out your natural beauty. It is proven that brighter colors induce a positive aura. Feel free to pick any of your favorite colors to wear and pair them with bottoms of your choice.

We suggest some comfortable leggings. Confidence comes from looking good.


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Shop around: different brands and fabrics

Many people choose to stick with a brand once they know it fits them well. This is not a good idea since your wardrobe need variety.

Special occasions such as religious functions and birthday parties call for something extraordinary. Select some clothing shop options which you can look at.

It is important to have options as they provide more possibilities in terms of size and design. Keep your measurements handy since every brand has its own sizing guide. These are never the same.

Designs and quality vary from brand to brand. Having an eye for this will make you automatically identify clothing quality. Too much clothing from a single brand will be a limitation and reduce your styling sense.

Fabrics like cotton and rayon are basic everyday fabrics. Occasionwear is mostly made from premium fabrics such as silk, polyester, and chiffon. Having an equal amount of both is essential since there are several celebrations throughout the year.

Know when apparel is too big, or too small!

A simple way of saving time and energy is by knowing what your regular size is, or at least your body measurements. Almost every plus-size store or brand has a measuring chart, use this for reference. Once you select the size, start looking at clothing to try on.

When trying on clothing, there are two rules.

  • Clothing should not be so tight that it appears as if your body is bulging out.
  • Clothes must not baggy to the point where it looks empty.

You should wear the clothes not the other way around. Garments are supposed to be fitting but still have an inch all the way around. Tight clothing is suffocating and does not allow the body to breathe.

Avoid it as it can result in health issues. Note that some clothes will get loose after a wash or two.

Think about your appearance, not the price tag

I know everyone is guilty of this point. A conscious buyer always quickly checks the price tag as soon as they have spotted something attractive in the store. This is to make sure they can afford it, especially for a woman on a budget.

The trick is to tell yourself that it is worth it if it does something for your appearance that other garments cannot. Going for extremely low-cost clothing is a bad decision that you will regret.

People will argue that looks are more important than quality. This is a lie as cheap clothing does not last long and puts you at risk of having a wardrobe malfunction.

Quality clothing goes a long way and at least you feel confident that everything is secure. They will last continuous washing and wearing that other clothes will not.

Do not listen to other people

The biggest disadvantage comes from the negativity that people spread. Ignore all unwanted and unhelpful comments and just keep the positive ones.

People will always be judgmental and try to bring you down. Remember that you are doing this for you and not anyone else.

If you need a second opinion before purchasing new clothes, we strongly advise taking a supportive family member or friend. It is perfect if you can take another plus-size likeminded person with you.

At the end of the day, your opinion matters, and love for an outfit should be the only reason why you are buying it.  Never ever buy anything because someone else likes it, or because of the cheap price tag.

If you need some real advice and tips, follow plus size fashion bloggers to understand how fashion will work for your body.

Do not let people persuade you from buying an outfit just because they think it is “not for your shape”. Go ahead and prove these people wrong!

Never settle

Ok, so you managed to buy a few new plus size Kurtis. Great, but this is not enough. Essentially you should replace most of your clothing at regular time intervals.

Fashion changes so fast with new designs being launched often. Plus, nobody wants to be wearing old fashioned clothes, it’s embarrassing! After all, you can never have too many dresses, right?

Do you have a list of clothing you always wanted to own but never had the courage to buy them?

If the answer is no, you should start making that list now! If you get stuck, get some ideas from plus size fashion trends that feature on fashion shows or on websites like Fashion Kart.

Inspiration is never limited and you can take regular women’s clothing as an example. Have a look through look books, you will know what you want when you see it.

The whole point of never settling is being at ease with your body and wanting to be able to sport the latest designs, there is absolutely no shame in wanting this for yourself.

You should always be on the lookout for fashionable clothes in plus sizes. Keep your eye on the plus-size market even if it means buying magazines and following fashion influencers.

Exchanges and refunds

Sometimes women suffer from something called impulse buying.

This happens when they get a bit too excited and end up buying something without thinking about the future and the clothing specifications. Not finding anything you like can cause this behavior.

For this reason, it is advisable to enquire about the store’s return and exchange policy beforehand. This way you will never have to regret a wasted purchase.

Refunds are mostly given in the form of store credit. Most shops cater to size exchanges; refunds are less common so try to be thoughtful when shopping.

By chance after coming home you are not completely impressed with the clothing and realize that you are having an issue with the size, you can opt for exchange.

Does it make you feel happy?

At the end of the day, after buying some clothes you should ask yourself if you are happy with what you have selected.

Never buy a certain type of clothing just to make someone else happy. Also, avoid buying an item if you are not completely sold over it.

We all have the right to dress our bodies the way we like. Allowing people to pressurize you will lead to an unhappy feeling about your body and your clothing sense.

The way I see it, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose from a shopping trip. It will be exciting the next time you visit a store or browse through a plus-size website. Just keep yourself on track with these tips.

We are sure you will encounter a few of them the next time you go shopping.  We hope in the future you will be more organized and will have the motivation to succeed.

Hope you found this helpful and enjoyed reading this blog post, best of luck on your next shopping expedition!