Flaunt Your Style with Top 10 Plus Size Kurtis

Good Plus size Kurtis are hard to find and we at Fashion kart would like to give the opportunity for the curvy Indian ladies to move out of the boredom and get the latest trends into their wardrobe.

Let us look at top 10 plus size Kurtis that you will adore.

What are Ethnic Kurtis?

A Kurti is a traditional Indian garment worn by women. This tunic is a substitute for other top wear clothing and it is replicated in a design that conforms to Indian culture. This tunic is worn by women of all ages for any occasion.

The plus size women’s online shop called Fashionkart offers Kurtis ranging from size 3XL to 10XL to make sure all women find their appropriate size.

This clothing style has become increasingly popular in the local market due to the high comfort they provide the wearer with. Kurtis for plus size women is steadily increasing in number as more people are becoming aware of the trend.

To keep you updated with the latest plus size clothing, here are our top picks of trending Kurti designs.

Printed Kurtis

A crowd favorite loved for its pure simplicity is the printed Kurti. Using specialized machinery and dyes, it is possible to imprint any design onto a range of fabrics.

There is basically no limit to the patterns and colors that can be implemented into these textiles. The high output produced has resulted in affordable prices for all making it the most prominent clothing article in every Indian woman’s wardrobe.

Mostly composed of the natural fibre cotton, they offer cooling effects and relief from the hot climate naturally occurring in India. Printed Kurtis can be found at every plus size store as most women feel comfortable in them.

Another advantage of cotton fabric is that it allows air-circulation between the fibres of the fabric to avoid feeling strangled by your own clothes! Yes, that gives you a sigh of relief!

Our Favourite

Women’s Blue Printed Cotton Kurti

Need options for the office or daily wear in the house? Every woman knows printed cotton Kurtis are the way to go, affordable and attractive.

If you are wearing something the whole day, it should be comfortable or else you will not be able to focus and work efficiently.

Simple yet sophisticated are vibes which this Kurti emits. The ethnic patterns are small but still noticeable and have a formal element about them.

Navy blue suits any skin tone and is a worthy addition to your collection especially at this affordable price point.


Kurtis with attached jacket

A recent release is the jacket-style Kurti. As the name suggests, this outfit is only completed with a jacket that is sewn together with the tunic.

It eliminates the requirement for adding other layers of clothing on to your look and provides a simplified all-in-one look.

Options available in jacket-style kurtis include:

  • the length of jacket
  • design of jacket
  • closed or open jacket
  • type of closure

Our Favourite

Attractive Cotton two layered Gotta Patti Kurti

We love this piece because the peach color is pleasing to the eyes and it is hard to find any faults when looking at it. Light colors such as this one is suitable for any occasion, big or small.

You will notice that it is a double-layered outfit where the outer layer actually forms a jacket or cape. Strings act as the closure of the jacket and give a neater impression when tied up.

The cotton fabric is decorated with white printed patterns while silver thread and fabric are used to add exquisite detailing along the neckline, borders, and sleeves.

The best part is you can even wear the short sleeve inner as a stand-alone Kurti during the summer season.

Anarkali Kurtis

The plus size Anarkali Kurtis is a style loved by every plus size woman throughout India. Originating from the Mughal Era, they are recognized for their floor-length appearance that looks like a dress or frock.

The bottom half of the garment is paneled inwards and flares out when the wearer swirls around in a circle.

The majority of these garments feature-heavy decorations and are therefore worn for auspicious occasions.

They have been styled into a less decorated version which is even suitable for daily wear for the office, these feature printed designs or moderate embroidery depicting floral patterns or ethnic motif designs.

Either way, Anarkali kurtis are the best way to stay stylish!

Frock Style Kurtis

Frocks have become a regular clothing option in every city. This style has been popularized by young girls which have led to a demand for the increase of these western-inspired garments.

But some might find them too short or inappropriate to wear. That problem has been solved with the introduction of frock style Kurtis. These Kurtis are identical to frocks but are slightly longer.

Because it is a top, it can be worn with leggings underneath (or any other bottom wear garment) as long as you are comfortable.

Frock style Kurtis for plus size women also have additional detailing such as frills along the neckline and sleeves or added pockets on the clothing sides.

As a perfect balance between modern and traditional, frock style Kurtis are your go-to look for parties and lunch dates with friends.

Short Kurtis

The whole town was obsessed with short Kurtis when they were first released, luckily that obsession still exists even today. A factor that has led these versatile garments to fame is that they can be paired together with any bottom wear clothing.

This means that you can wear them with jeans, leggings, skirts, or fashionable palazzo pants. Convenient for college girls or busy working women.

Short Kurtis end at the waist or mid-thigh and are usually accompanied by short sleeves. The three most common short Kurtis that you can buy from online clothing websites are printed, embroidered, and plain.

Of course, here the biggest challenge for you would be choosing the fabric. Several options are available where cotton is for everyday wear and silk, rayon, and georgette are occasion wear.

Double-Layered Kurtis

The combination of modern elements and fabrics has given rise to this elegant style.

The double-layered Kurti is characterized by the addition of a lightweight or semi-sheer outer layer that is not completely closed, unlike the layer below. This way the two layers form a double layer in which the top layer is translucent allowing you to see the layer below.

Their contrasting lengths, colors, and style are highly factorable while choosing the right dress. The way in which this ethnic dress is cut makes the mixing of color easier than any other design.

Retail Stores with plus size Kurtis often use this style on mannequins because of its appealing quotient.

Most women get tempted to buy double-layered Kurtis after seeing them on the mannequin or on models, and rightly so because it is an evergreen style that should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

A-Line Kurti with Tie strings

Named for its appearance, the A-line Kurti has a distinct slightly flared out shape. Perfect for women who do not want to feel restricted in tight clothing! Using a tie string that is taken around the waist area gives it a feminine touch and an attractive look.

The loose-fitting garment does not stick to the body as many other styles do and are great as a stay at home kind of clothing. Get them in cotton for daily wear or polyester for festive celebrations with family and friends.

Our Favourite

Plus size Khadi Floral Printed Kurti

Khadi is a natural woven fabric made from cotton making it the ideal solution to the summer heat. With the addition of several colors, this floral Kurti is definitely aimed at women who love multi-colored clothing.

The yellow fabric acts as the best background to display the flower artwork using an advanced color palate.

Other attractive highlights include the ¾ roll-up sleeves and pockets on each side. The high neckline eliminates the need for necklaces and heavy earrings.

Who said work meetings have to be boring when you spend them wearing stylish clothing such as this?

High Side Slit Kurtis

The invention of slits in clothing truly did revolutionize the way clothing was produced. Not only did they enhance the attractive element, but it also served as a way to ventilate the wearer so that they could feel cool and the body could breathe.

A variety of slit heights exist, it is up to you to pick the one you are most comfortable with.

High slits are the most famous version of slits. They start at the waist and extend throughout the length of the garment. If you have decorated bottoms you can show them off with this type of top wear.

Simple Mandarin Collar Kurtis

The Mandarin collar is a neckline design that became a sensation overnight. It is the ideal neckline design for plus size Kurtis as it is not too tight and is pretty, much better than normal plain neckline designs.

It appears as a raised band around the neck and maybe open or have a one-button closure.

Seen throughout Asia, it now has a permanent place on the local Indian market where it can be seen on many tunics and ethnic clothing of both the men’s and women’s sections.

If ever you need a neckline design, this would be the recommended choice.

Flared kurtis

Flared Kurtis have a flared or spread out shape form that differs from all others. These princess-like outfits give the wearer a special feeling that most other Kurtis fail to replicate.

Having widespread availability, they can be found everywhere and are a fashionable must-have. We suggest buying these plus size Kurtis online to assure you get any size you desire, an area where physical stores may lack.

Featuring every kind of decoration imaginable (embroidery, printed, Zari borders, tie-dyed, etc) you will never be restricted or be out of options. Some have a gathered design that is sewn just under the bust. This makes it an option for maternity wear as well.

Hope you liked this article and now you know that when you go out shopping Kurtis, size and designs will not be a restriction as you now know what options are available.

Broaden the options in your wardrobe for plus size Kurtis by making sure you have each one of these classic designs in a different color option. Be prepared for any professional or personal events with a wide range of Kurti designs.