Top 10 Plus Size Kurti Embroidery Designs to Have in Your collection

Top 10 Plus Size Kurti Embroidery Designs to Have in Your collection

Keeping up with fashion can be tricky and difficult for Plus size women, which is why we are helping you out with our custom list of Top 10 Kurti embroidery designs to help get your collection on par with the latest kurti embroidery designs that will make you look and feel amazing.

Embroidery is a timeless decorative technique that has graced Indian clothing for many decades. It is simple, elegant, and effective in enhancing the value of any type of clothing especially kurtis.

Embroidery techniques are used throughout the world and can be done on any type of fabric although cotton is usually the favourite. Using thread of assorted colour can be applied thoughtfully using patience that is required to perfect this art.

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  1. Floral Embroidery

When it comes to traditional clothing such as the kurti, Florals are the usual embroidery that makes a widespread appearance. This is because women do not have to try to look good in this design, the flower embroidery does that job on its own.

These attractive flower designs come in several options on their own, you can choose a mixture of two or three colours, or you can opt for the multi-colour look that is maximized due to the combination of several supporting colours.


Adding details like leaves and other flower types makes the best floral template. The technique used can give the whole design a 3D appearance and an impressive feel to the hand. Summer is the time to show off your exquisite colour palate in short sleeves. Pair them with mid-leg leggings to make the kurti the real hero.


  1. Geometric Pattern Embroidery

Repeated patterns are a hit in all classes of clothing. On kurtis it gives a classy look for daily wear kurtis that can be purchased in different colours and kept for this purpose. That does not mean geometric embroidered kurtis are not suitable for any other occasion.

They are fine for going out for casual meetings with friends, catch a coffee or a movie in them, they are more than capable of being fashionable. Sit with friends and catch up with gossip knowing that you look elegant.


Earthy neutral colours make the best pairing for these garments. White, beige, brown, off-white, and grey are all in sync with the colour scheme. This embroidery pattern is so impressive, you can even go for a jewellery free or minimal jewellery (small earrings and thin necklace) look and let this set you apart from the crowd. Geometric shapes include triangles, parallelograms, squares, and rectangles.


  1. Simple Neckline Embroidery

Most casual kurtis meant for home wear only have a small embroidery detail that is concentrated at the collar and neckline, or else at the sleeves. This is great for low-key events where you do not want to attract too much attention to yourself such as mourning events and low-key marriage proceedings that occur beyond the camera.


Highlighting the fabric or the colour of the fabric is more important in such kurtis. The single colour thread embroidery merely acts as an extra detail that people will see immediately when looking at you. Not a fan of one colour only? No problem you can choose any colour that works for you, and even make it a mixture of two or three thread colours.


  1. Intricate Sequin Embroidery

Sequins seen on most Indian women’s clothing are decorative accessories deeply linked with our culture. Natural objects found from plants and animals have been used throughout the ages for decoration in addition to embroidery. Today sequins which are just small coloured discs of plastic are created with this sole purpose. Shiny sequins, coloured sequins, glitter sequins, metallic sequins, transparent sequins give many options to choose from.


The sequins are incorporated into the design and embroidered using a suitable colour of thread that complements it. If you want to be different and use other designs to accomplish your fashion goals, sequin embroidery is the best way to do it. Sequins are also used in combination with stonework for auspicious occasions like weddings and parties.


  1. Shisha Embroidery

Shisha embroidery designs are prevalent throughout India, Afghanistan, and Indonesia as it features on the traditional clothing of these countries. Commonly known as mirror-work, small pieces of glass are cut and shaped into round pieces and intricately woven onto the fabric using colourful threads that are strategically placed to add an attractive element to the patterns of embroidery. Find them on lehenga cholis and Saree, they have now made their way to kurtis.


Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh are areas known for this traditional embroidery style. Various Indian festivals come to mind when looking at these designs, however, add them to your kurti to look stylish and ethnic at the same time. Traditional looks never go out of fashion and can be worn any time of the year!

  1. Crochet Embroidery

Unique looking Crochet embroidery designs are western-influenced to deliver to fashionable women who love to try new designs. Crochet designs are made from thick fabrics such as cotton and wool and are suitable for cold winter seasons. Most times you will find them in white or off-white colour as it shows off the true shade and texture of these natural fibres that provide cooling effects to the wearer.


Crochet is characterized by large spaces between the weave to allow full visibility of the pattern made on it. For this reason, an under-lying layer of fabric is required. You will probably see these as tops and blouses for western clothing styles, but here on the kurti it is recreated to be ethnic inspired clothing that is completed with local bottom wear such as leggings or traditional skirts.


  1. Metallic Ethnic Embroidery

Threads made from metal or metal-plating are no surprise to Indian ethnic clothing and is one of the country’s most loved decoration method. Gold and silver are universal colours that suit any other colour, making it a prominent feature gracing kurtis of all styles and finding them will not be tough due to high demand for them.



Gold threaded borders in combination with small embroidered designs along the entire length of the kurti make for a special sight. What makes it even more appealing to the eye is if it is done on a popular kurti style such as the Anarkali kurti, renowned for its royal floor-length appearance. All the usual accessories to match your outfit will be essential in nailing the look and surprising everyone who sees the final look. 

  1. Minimal White Thread Embroidery

White is a colour well associated in with society and the numerous events occurring throughout the year. Having one white kurti is mandatory for all women as it will come in use sometimes. Simple white embroidery patterns on any colour background have a soothing effect that makes a true difference for anyone. Freeing the mind and the body, it helps to emit positive vibes. Not just you, everyone will feel the change in the surroundings.


Outdoor events and family trips to natural outdoor locations will be the most appropriate times to wear these outfits and feel the breezy air sift past you. Keep cool and look cool with short kurtis that will embrace the beauty of flower embroidery in white thread. 


  1. Cut-out Embroidery

Consider this a vintage design that was popular decades ago, but we all know that every once in a while, vintage designs make a reappearance on the market. When this does happen, it is actually the younger generation who are more than happy to proudly wear this fashionable outfit as they were not around the first time it made waves in the fashion industry.


Cut-out design or Cutwork is made by cutting portions of the fabric to create an assortment of designs, from florals to repeated shape patterns. The place of embroidery here is to add appeal and value to each design, making each one unique. Bright colours are best suited to this simple yet sophisticated design made to cater for relaxing and effortless look. 


  1. Quilted Embroidery

An old technique of embroidery called quilting makes use of several layers embroidered on top of each other to give a multi-dimensional appearance. Sewing two or three pieces of fabric on top of each other make it look like a 3-dimensional shaped outfit. On top of these fabrics embroidery designs of your choice can be laid down to make it look even more customized to your personal style.

If you have an affinity for certain colours, now is the time to weave them all together and create a look that defines you and speaks about your personality and how it relates to your style. Mix and match embroidery types to get maximum amount of attraction from a single piece of clothing.


Next time you want to buy a plus size kurti, look at these 10 embroidery designs to give you ideas and tips how to try something new without flopping. Many women are creative and love to make their own designs, we hope this list will inspire you to get experimental the next time you sew a kurti outfit. All these kurti embroidery designs will be enough to make women admire your bold fashion choices and they will soon follow your exact moves!

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