20 Collar Designs for Plus Size Kurtis

Let us explore the world of collar designs for plus size Kurtis for our curvy ladies. Plus size fashion must not be boring.

Kurtis are undeniably essential in every woman’s wardrobe especially plus size women. They are the simplest form of clothing to put on when you are in a rush or are gearing up for a tough day ahead.

Crafted specially to cater to the easy-going ethnic Indian clothing category. It has become a popular garment throughout the country, and rightfully so. They are attractive, comfortable, and allow the wearer maximum movement to be active and stay cool in the summers.

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Are you looking to expand your Kurti collection but want to get some fresh collar designs that are different from everything else you already own?

Check out this list of our top 20 favorite Kurti Collar Designs to make you stand out from everyone else!

High Neck Collar Designs for Plus Size

Sometimes simple can be sophisticated, the high neckline is true evidence of this. You might find yourself needing something that makes your kurti look professional and appropriate for meetings and long days at the office.

The high collar does exactly this and does it well. Another option that comes with high collars is the option to add another coloured fabric to add some excitement to the clothing on a whole helping you to show off your favourite colours.  

Round Neck Collar

Take a trip to the market and you will recognize this collar design immediately.

The round collar is one that has graced clothing for many decades and can still be seen on clothing to this day. It offers the wearer comfort and a feminine look.

Don’t want to feel suffocated and struggle to get out of clothing? This is the style that will assure this does not happen to you.

V- Collar

The infamous “V” shape collar has featured on every type of top wear clothing ever created. Leaving it out of this list would be embarrassing.

Both you and I are guaranteed to have these in our wardrobes. Our daily lives would not be the same without the V neck collar as it is a basic essential that has shaped our fashion sense altogether. There is absolutely no shame in having a timeless style!

Boat Collar

Women around the country are praising the Boat design as the new ‘IN’ thing and a must-have for your collection to be complete.

Appearing as a low neckline, the collar is a low-lying curve that starts halfway across the shoulders and progresses to the other shoulder along with a low circular dip.

This simple look is the perfect attire for going out to dinner with family or a movie with friends.

Low Collar  

Low neck collars can be controversial if taken too far! However, when selected in right degree, they can enhance a simple kurti to another level of appeal.

Women love to wear them for summer as their cooling effects are much appreciated. The low collar is matched with garments made from exceptional fabric such as silk, chiffon, and polyester.

This is why most of your festive occasion wear has this collar design.

U – Neck Collar design for Kurtis

You have probably seen this collar design but just did not know the name it goes by.

The name “U” shape collar is actually derived from the appearance of the collar itself (forgive the lack of creativity behind this name), but we love it either way.

The look can be worn when you want to show off a special necklace or earrings you bought recently; it draws attraction to the neck.

Keyhole Collar

Modern fashion was accompanied by a need for new collar designs to highlight the beauty of the modern plus size kurti. A range of keyhole collar designs were developed, each bearing a slight resemblance to each other.

Our favorite one is the simplest form of keyhole designs. A single loop is present in the front of the garment and allows some skin to be seen, but not too much of course!

Buttoned Collar

The most common form of a garment closure is buttons, used since the beginning of modern clothing. So, why not add this closure down the entire length of your Kurti?

Making good use of the high collar, you can let the buttons start straight from the neck to get it noticed by everyone. Plus, buttons are a clothing accessory themselves, you can choose simple or decorated buttons according to your preferences.

Mandarin Collar

All are familiar with the mandarin collar as it has been around the Indian clothing market for a long time and has carved out a name for itself.

It has been around for a very long time and remains an important collar design guaranteed to be in every woman’s wardrobe.

Flat Collar

Almost identical to the mandarin collar except this one is flattened and is not raised around the neckline. No worries as it is still an attractive look that offers the highest level of comfort, even if it is just for home.

Several customizations can be made to the collar to spice it up, these include adding different colors and fabrics, or even using decorations such as embroidery or sequins and beads to add a multi-layered personality to the Kurti.

Tie-String Collar

A collar style aimed at fashionistas is the tie-string, although it is not commonly seen, on rare occasions, it makes an appearance. This type of Kurti closure might not seem so secure but in addition to tie-strings, a button can be applied to make it more secure.

Broad Neckline Collar

Have great shoulders and want to display them to all admirers? Well we have a design specially made to achieve this goal.

The broad collar is similar to other low and wide cuts, except, it is much more wide than low. Created to just sit on the far ends of each shoulder, you can keep cool and show some skin without any regret.

Off-The Shoulder Collar

Off-the shoulder styles were made popular from western dresses and blouses. Local Kurti designers improvised and added the look to Kurtis.

Young girls were thrilled with this modification and later on all women were wearing them. Have you gotten your off-the shoulder plus size kurti yet?

Shirt Collar

Shirts are known for their classic collars. Add this classic collar to an ethnic Indian Kurti and the results are fabulous. Perfect for formal occasions at the office it also acts as a fashionable style good enough for streetwear.

Shirt collars do not need to be associated with buttons as it looks good on a closed garment that is stitched closed. Women of all ages will enjoy wearing these stylish clothes.

Sweetheart Collar

A sweetheart collar is characterized by the distinct heart shape that is known to accentuate the body and give the wearer the illusion of having a longer neck.

Weddings and engagements are the best time to show this one-off. Suitable for ladies who have a shorter neck, this design will have everyone fooled!

Halter Neck Collar

A modernized collar that makes use of a small amount of fabric is one for all the brave girls out there.

Halter neck collars are famous on the international scene, not so popular in India but you can still catch a glimpse of them every once in a while. Auspicious occasions are the normal events where you could spot women wearing these lavish designs.

Side Collar

Side collars are catching fire these days, being the latest Kurti design for plus size women, they are still a new and novel entity on the fashion scene.

If you get them now, you could be a pioneer for this look. Get side collar Kurtis now if you want to establish yourself as a fashion trendsetter and show other women how it’s done!

Ruffled Collar

Confused what exactly ruffles are? Ruffles are an exciting new design that consists of a frilled fabric pattern that works well in women’s plus sized clothing as it emphasizes the feminine element in the garment.

Need a stylish look for a party or a get-together? Look no further than a ruffled collar Kurti to get you in the groove, all eyes will be on you and no one else!

Angrakha Collar

The traditional style called Angrakha caters mainly to our ethnic Indian clothing. Developed for Kurtis, salwar suits, and even blouses for sarees and lehenga cholis, they are hard to ignore since their presence demands all attention on it.

It features a crossover of two different fabrics (same color or different) that entail all appearances of royalty. Sport this look at religious and festive celebrations such as weddings where the look must match the theme.

Slit Collar

Effortless looks are what women aim for when shopping for casual Kurtis. Nothing says effortless better than the traditional slit collar, the presence of the two open flaps commonly known as slit collars give a carefree and cool look that will make any woman envious of your style.

Daily wear or just clothing to do grocery shopping in, any Kurti with slit collar design is the best fit for all plus size women.

Now that you have a clear idea of all the best collar designs to go for, there should be no reason why your wardrobe is lacking in clothing options. Feel free to flaunt these kurtis whenever and wherever you want to and don’t be shy to dare to be different.