Tips to Make Plus Size Women Look Slim in a Kurti

Kurtis are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Loved for its comfort, appeal, and ease of wearing, there is no other garment that satisfies all the comfort requirements and adds to your appeal.

Let us look at some Tips to Make Plus Size Women Look Slim in a Kurti.

For every woman, fashion acts as an escape, and a way to truly highlight their natural beauty regardless of their shape, normal size, or plus size.

Women who want to look slim and trim can turn to clothing, specifically the Kurti.

Fashionkart is an online fashion website known to help curvy women look their best in plus size Kurtis. Aimed at offering women the best value their money can buy for Kurtis; you will easily find your size as they make sure to cater to all sizes between 3XL to 10XL inclusive of both these sizes.  

Looking slimmer has never been easier and our clothing will make it that much easier. To make sure you are prepared to look slimmer in your kurtis, here are tips and tricks for plus size women to look slimmer.

Straight cuts are the way to go

When picking out a custom plus size Kurti to make sure you look your best, minus a few kilograms, straight long Kurtis is the ultimate decision.

Kurti styles like Straight Kurti, A-line Kurti, Anarkali Kurti (without flare) are ranked on the top of every wish list. Each one amplifies the legs and gives a spread-out weighted look.

No flares at all costs, skirt-style Kurtis are out of the question completely. Flares make you look wider than you actually are. The idea is to have the Kurti close to the body and in a regular cut, nothing too fancy.

Our Suggestion 

Winter or summer, cotton, and straight cut are always a successful duo. Your wardrobe is simply incomplete without this epic Kurti contender. A ¾ sleeve red (almost orange) straight Kurti with tie-dye design on the fabric is enough to make any women look hip and in shape.

It comes with a pink and white floral skirt to create a contrast that is easy on the eyes. Offering comfort and the ability to ace any fashion trend, you will never regret owning this simple but effective design.


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Say NO to heavy fabrics!

Thick fabrics are bulky and heavy. They will make you look bigger and weigh you done with their heavy quality finishes. Denim fabric and jacquard fabrics are thick and come with a hefty weight.

Apart from making you look a few kilograms more than your actual weight; these fabrics will make you feel fatigued faster and induce profuse sweating.

Another factor that increases the heaviness of your outfit is the decorations on it. Designs like mirror work, sequins, beads, and embroidery, all contribute towards making a fabric heavier.  

Instead, opt for lightweight fabrics that keep you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Natural textiles related to natural fibers such as cotton and wool are the lightest fabrics that do not add bulk to your figure.

Looking slim originates from feeling slim and this is the change you need to make mentally first before making it a reality.

Small patterns are better

There is a rule when selecting patterns for a slimmer and more stylish look. The individual pattern or design should not exceed the size of your clinched fist.

The smaller, the better as it gives the impression that the fabric is larger when more designs can fit on the single fabric. In the case of larger designs, only a few will fit on the fabric at any one time.

Geometric patterns are a great choice to appear slim. When opting for stripes, make sure they run vertically and not horizontally.

Vertical lines create the illusion of a slimmer figure that requires little to no effort from the wearer. Avoid large checks and other associated printed patterns that lay emphasis on the shape and size of the body.

Our Suggestion  Long Floral Cotton Kurti

A long Kurti such as this has multi-purpose characteristics and does more than add height and reduce weight. Its light cream color made from khadi cotton keeps you cool and calm even in flustering hot conditions.

Pair it with bottom skirts or pants of your choice, any pairing will match this Kurti perfectly due to the neutral color it possesses.

The beige acts as the perfect backdrop for the red, green, and grey floral designs that cover the surface of the garment. A pocket in the front is useful for putting some important items inside.

Keep your height in mind

Women who are plus sized usually also have medium to short height. Taking height into consideration can affect your appearance. Think right and you even have the opportunity to look taller.

Looking taller will make your weight look more distributed. So, how do you accomplish this deceiving trick? Simple, monochrome Kurtis that feature simple patterns help to add centimeters to your height.

When it comes to bottom garments, do not wear long clothing that gathers at the ankle or knees (it makes you look shorter).

Another valuable tip that should be followed is to avoid over-accessorizing. When it comes to jewellery, “less is more” meaning minimal jewellery should be worn.

This allows people to take in the true beauty in simplicity. Wearing too many necklaces and bangles make your neck and arms look overcrowded or worse, shorter!

Create an optical illusion with dark colors

Everybody knows that dark colours can enhance your looks by disguising your body and naturally creating a slender, sleeker appearance.

Black, navy blue, deep red, are all masters of disguise and should be worn every chance you get. Increasing your height may also be influenced by the color selection of your Kurti collection, so make sure you have all the options!

Lighter hues such as pastels tend to reveal the true identity of the body and leave no opportunity to trick the mind. Do not wear plain vibrant colours. If you love an assortment of shades and cannot do without them.

Get printed Kurtis that you can meet half-way in your attempts to look slimmer. Go the extra step and wear a contrasting dark shaded bottom garment to complete the look.

Our Suggestion

Ethnic motifs are always a fashionable selection for women of all sizes throughout the year on any occasion. These traditional designs supported by dark shades like black will set you up for success.

Black and beige with a thick maroon border at the bottom are what you can expect.

Attracting limited attention, this Kurti will be the talk of the town as all eyes will immediately be drawn to it with no skeptical thoughts about the lower garments that are covered up! For once, you can be the center of attention.

Mix up your bottom wear

To pull off this tricky task, you will sometimes require assisting help from your bottom wear garment as well. The way to go about this is by mixing it up with short clothing articles that will show off your legs and make you appear taller and slimmer than you actually are.

Decorated palazzo pants, ethnic skirts, and even mid-leg bottoms are the popular go-to items to nail your clothing fantasies and conceal those curves.

Baggy and long-gathered pants will do no good and show off your extra weight. Wearing this type of clothing will be the biggest fashion flop you can possibly make and you should remove them from your wardrobe completely.

If you intend on wearing these types of bottoms, make sure the top clothing will be attractive enough to hide this flaw.

Accessorize carefully


It takes just one extra ring or necklace to topple a well-coordinated outfit, so you have to take as much time on jewelry as you do for your clothing. Women with thick necks should steer clear of chunky gaudy jewelry as it only shortens your neck.

Instead, opt for long and thin neckwear that elongates the neck area and gives a thinner look to the body as a whole. Simplify your accessories to give a sophisticated style quotient that beats overpowered looks.


Shoes having effect on physique? Although it is unheard of, shoes do play a minor role in appearance even though it is the last accessory people see when they look at you.

Comfortable shoes make sure you are able to walk properly and not be drawn back by weight issues. Make sure you avoid cheap and uncomfortable shoes that will make you wobble or walk lop-sided.


Application of simple yet sober makeup can make you look younger so why can’t it make you look slimmer. The truth is it can.

The secret hidden here is to be light-handed with blush and foundation. Bold lipstick is a definite must-have for any woman as it signals feminism and power.

Now you have all the tips and tools to guarantee nothing short of perfection, looking slim will give you the confidence to be free and enjoy yourself while living life to the fullest.

Anyone can be a fashionista and your body will no longer let you down if you are wearing the latest design that will impress everyone around you. What are you waiting for, get some more Kurtis to bless your wardrobe!

Hope you liked our tips to make Plus size Women look slim in Kurtis